Prime-time stereotyping on the new television networks

Title: Prime-time stereotyping on the new television networks

Year: 1997

Journal / Publication: Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly

Volume: 74

Issue: 4

Pages: 859 – 872

Authors: Eaton, B. Carol


This content analysis examines portrayals of women in prime-time promotional announcements broadcast on five television networks (ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, and UPN) during one week in 1995. Findings supported the hypotheses that (1) women are underrepresented in all television networks’ promotional announcements, and that (2) stereotypical portrayals of women in these announcements varied due to the television network’s target audience. Specifically, television program promotional announcements on networks that seek a younger male audience contained more stereotypical female characters than other network programming produced for a more general audience.


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