Student Research

Five SJMC undergraduate students have been named Research Assistants with the Lillian Lodge Kopenhaver Center for the Advancement of Women in Communication at Florida International University’s School of Journalism and Mass Communication.

Students began in October working on research to identify common themes and trends discussed by the center’s monthly guest speakers from across the country.  These talks of some of the top women in communication, including those in advertising, public relations, and journalism, are archived on the Center’s Leadership Webinar Series Page.

Students are working alongside Dr. Lillian Lodge Kopenhaver and Dr. Robert Gutsche, Jr., to analyze themes collected from the recordings and to present them in an industry report to be released in Spring 2016. The findings will help women and men in leadership roles throughout fields of communication to encourage and support continued innovation through increased diversity.


Outside the Lillian Lodge Kopenhaver Center for Women in Communication at FIU’s School of Journalism and Mass Communication, from left, Andrew Trabazo, Simiyyah Black, Carolina Estrada, Mirza de la Fuente, Ashley Orozco, Dr. Lillian Lodge Kopenhaver, Dr. Robert Gutsche, Jr. and Sofia De La Vega (Not in picture)


Update: January 13, 2016

Our student research team has started the New Year with a bang! With our data for our white paper, titled “What women tell women about working in communication,” collected from lectures given at the Center since its inception, students are placing the comments into themes. With the data transcribed, we are now working to put the whitepaper together, and have some interesting developments coming about how the report will be interactive and full of multimedia components – all student-driven and designed.

Update: March 24, 2016

Students involved in producing the LLK Center whitepaper, “What Women Tell Women About Working in Communication,” to be released in a digital format on April 21, spoke at the 2016 Undergraduate Research Conference for Undergraduate Research at FIU on March 31. Beyond presenting their key findings the study of 13 webinars presented through the LLK Center since its inception, the group led a powerful discussion with the audience.

2016 Research Conference

2016 Student Research Conference 2